Welcome to my website. Here I share information about my work as a curator, writer and researcher. It functions as a personal public archive documenting my curatorial work and writing.

In my work as a curator, writer, and researcher, I am invested in exploring the visual arts’ relationship with emancipatory movements from the early 20th century to the present day. In my view, social and aesthetic phenomena must be understood as intersecting, rather than as separate categories. Analyzing diverse artistic practices including painting, photography, performance, sculpture, and installation, l write about how artists engage with public spaces such as museums and their local contexts. As keepers of collective memories, museums bear social responsibility and, in my writing, I critically explore how artists and curators try to shape these memories through their work. I see exhibitions as a form of spatial storytelling and in my curatorial work, I enjoy engaging with the specificities of sites, such as their historical, social, cultural, and economic significances.

My PhD research project at the Institute for History at Leiden University explores how visual artists from the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia relate to spatio-temporal discourses on the local, indigenous, rural, India, Asia, Europe, and the World.

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Contact: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/staffmembers/kerstin-winking#tab-1

Affiliation: https://www.kitlv.nl/researchers-winking/