Exhibition: ‘Mindful Circulations’


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Exhibition: ‘The Mindful Intervention’

Tamás Kaszás, Escapist Story (Forest School), 2016-17, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen.
Photo: Simon Trel.

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Exhibition: ‘The Djaya Brothers: Revolusi in the Stedelijk’

Location: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

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Exhibition: ‘Kamarado’

Sawangwongse Yawanghwe, Yawanghwe Office in Exile, 2015, SMBA.

Kamarado, a curatorial collaboration between Amsterdam and Bombay, brings together a diverse group of artists from various regions of the world. The conceptual core around which all these individual voices and artistic practices revolve is the idea of the comrade, a term that originally meant “one who shares the same room.”

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Exhibition: ‘Tromarama’

Location: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The members of Tromarama are among the generation of artists who first hand experienced the impact of the digital revolution in Indonesia during the early 2000s. The internet has not only shaped the way they think, but also how they work.

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Exhibition: ‘Transfigurations – Curatorial and Artistic Research in an Age of Migrations’

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Exhibition: ‘Made in Commons’

Wall sticker MiC

Made in Commons is a collaborative project of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Ten artists and artist groups based in the Netherlands and Indonesia take part in this multimedia exhibition. Read more..

Exhibition: ‘The Memories Are Present’

022.SMBA-' the memories are present' 2012 ©ph.Gj.vanROOIJ

The group exhibition ‘The Memories Are Present’ with Artun Alaska Arasli, Pauline M’barek and Christoph Westermeier in Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam interrogates the objectives that determine institutional divisions and invites its visitors to do so as well. Read more..

Exhibition: ‘Tala Madani – The Jinn’


‘The Jinn’ presents a powerful and elaborately constructed new body of painted, drawn and animated work by Tala Madani. Arab folklore and Islamic teachings depict the jinn as mythological creatures with magical powers who occupy a world next to our own, in which they intervene without restraint. By tracing the potential intrigues of these demons, Madani scrutinizes human obsessive behaviour and then skilfully sketches her observations – distinctly peppered with a dose of fantasy – upon canvases and sheets of paper. Read more..

Exhibition: ‘Vincent Vulsma – A Sign of Autumn’

By employing strategies of spatio-temporal montage, Vincent Vulsma brings together objects and patterns taken from their contexts in ethnographic collections and the canons of modernist design and photography, deliberately moving back and forth along the lines between what is classified as commodity, art or ethnographic object. Read more..

Exhibition: ‘Ahmet Ögüt – Informal Incidents’

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Exhibition: ‘In-between Things’

The title of the group exhibition “In-between Things” refers to some of the characteristics shared by the works on display, mostly sculptures, which combine various materials and practices. Moreover, these works share an interest in intercultural relations and their political imprints. Broadly speaking, ‘In-between Things’ addresses the theme of globalization and its relation to contemporary art. Read more..