Review: ‘Prospect.3 – Notes for Now’

‘Anything could happen here because – Because nothing’s happening here right now?’ reads the text on one of Lisa Sigal’s archival digital prints from the series Home Court Crawl (2014). The phrase, transposed over an image of a vacant house, captures the New Orleans spirit pretty well.

Here, good or evil could happen at any time. The vacant house speaks of New Orleans as a place that has still not fully come to terms with the trauma of Hurricane Katrina. Prospect.3 (P.3) is at its best when it shows how artists engage with the particular political, geographical or cultural context of New Orleans and Louisiana and there is much to see in this vein. However, the contributions by Lisa Sigal, Andrea Fraser, Kerry James Marshall, Douglas Bourgeois, Theaster Gates, Remy Jungerman and Thomas Joshua Cooper were outstanding.

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