Travelogue: ‘Notes on a Visit to the Kala Bhavana in Shantiniketan’

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Travelogue: ‘Notes on a Visit of the Haji Widayat Museum in Central Java’

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Article: ‘Meeting Oei Hong Djien in Magelang’

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Review: ‘After Party in Shanghai’


‘Do you go out a lot?’ This is one of the banal but frequently asked questions that people in their late-20s or 30s pose when we casually meet each other for the first time. Read more..

Travelogue: ‘Road Trip to Crow’s Shadow’

It was rainy and cold the morning I went on my four-hour drive from Boise, the capital of Idaho, to the printmaking institute Crow’s Shadow on the Umatilla Reservation in Oregon. Clouds hung over the tops of the Blue Mountains and raindrops covered my windscreen with a sheet of Pacific Northwest rain. The radio was playing Mac Demarco’s Salad Days and the wipers weren’t doing their job well.  Read more..

Travelogue: ‘April 2014 in India’


At the beginning of April, 2014, I went on a three-week research trip to India. On the first part of the journey, I travelled with Jelle Bouwhuis to New Delhi, Baroda and Bombay. On the second part, I went to Bengaluru, Kolkata and again to Delhi. Read more..